Rent To Own – Northglenn, Colorado

Rent To Own - Northglenn, Colorado

Northglenn Home for Rent | Rent To Own Rent:

$2,260 / Month
3 Bedrooms / 2 Baths
1,305 Sq Ft
Dog and cat friendly

Rent-To-Own Homes:

RENT TO OWN OPTION AVAILABLE!! (no obligation to buy) Property details, Rent to Own information & approval requirements below. Would you like to see the home? Do you have questions? Would you like to see the HUNDREDS of other properties available? PLEASE TEXT/CALL KEN FOR A PROMPT RESPONSE @ 720 . 730 . 2850

* Charming 3 bedroom 2 bathroom
* Vaulted ceiling with a skylight really brightens up the living room.
* Lower level is just a couple of steps down and walks out into the large fenced back yard.
* Get warm and cozy in the winter in front of the gas fireplace.
* Great location with easy access to I-25 and Wagon Road Park-N-Ride.
* Adams 12 Five Star School District.

Call/text Ken to schedule a showing at 720 . 730 . 2850 Rent-To-Own Homes:

Not the right property for you? There are hundreds of rental homes with a rent to own option available across Denver metro. Call/text today for more information 720 . 730 . 2850

** Combined average of all credit scores for all applicants 580+
** No Felony convictions in prior 5 years
** No registered sex offenders
** Combined income of all applicants $65,000/yr+
** Animals welcome (no vicious breeds)
** Security Deposit equal to 2 months rent (fully refundable)

OPTION TO PURCHASE INFORMATION: There is no obligation to buy, but you have the OPTION to purchase the home, if you choose to do so. The purchase price of the home is determined prior to signing your lease, and stays the same for 12 months, even if the house is valued higher when you buy! Your only obligation is to fulfill a 12-month lease. After 12 months, you can choose to vacate, (and get your full deposit back, according to lease terms), renew your lease annually for up to 5 years, or buy the home at any time during your occupancy. Your choice!

Not the right property for you? There are hundreds of rental homes with a rent to own option available across Denver metro.. Call/text today for more information 720 . 730 . 2850 Rent-To-Own Homes:

***This is general information that is summarized and is not all-encompassing. Terms and conditions may change without notice. For a complete breakdown of the program, please call/text KEN at 720 . 730 . 2850

Ken Blevins Metrowest
Real Estate 1120 W. 122nd Ave, Suite 106
Westminster, CO 80234
Office: (720) 932-4401
Direct: (720) 730-2850
Rent-To-Own Homes:

Ken Blevins:
Hello, this is Ken Blevins with Metrowest Real Estate, rent to own. I’ve got a rent-to-own property here in Northglenn, Colorado. This is a two-car garage. This is a three-bedroom, two-bathroom house. Single-family, residential home, this rents for $2,260 a month. And it’s a good size home here. So you walk in, you’ve got a formal family room. Let’s walk around here and you’ve got the kitchen right off the front door. You can either go upstairs and then there’s a downstairs with a bedroom, bath, and a family room, TV room down there as well.

So I’ll give you a quick tour. Kitchen and right off of the kitchen here is a two-car garage, which you saw on the outside. And then here in the kitchen, cabinets, you got a side door there and then we’ll go down here and look further. But you can see through down into the family room area, TV room. You’ve got a fireplace, and then there’s a patio that goes out to the backyard, sliding glass door, and then down the hall. So we’ll look at it from this way as well. So again, off the front room, you can come downstairs here. So you’ve got one full bedroom off of the downstairs. What’s nice, it’s not really a basement. You’re ground level here, so all of the windows are above ground, which is really nice. So you’ve got one bedroom, got a full bath here and then a full bath upstairs as well. So shower, toilet, vanity with a mirror, and then you come down here and you can see here’s the fireplace, got a big closet, window, the sliding glass door there going outside. Good sized backyard, all fenced in. Pets are allowed. So dogs and cats are allowed in this unit.

This is a Home Partners property. This is what’s known as a rent to own. They’re also renting this out since they already own it. So you can either rent it or do a rent-to-own. What’s nice here, you’ve got these big vaulted ceilings, skylight. Nice. A lot of bright sunlight in this room here. So if you don’t like this property, there are 1,200 similar properties in the Denver Metro area and so what these guys do is they take properties off the MLS and vet the homeowner, and then they buy it for cash and give you a five-year option, so you’ve got five years to execute on that option to buy that home. So you’re locking in at today’s price and your future equity, which is really great.

So upstairs, you’ve got a bedroom on either side. You’ve got the full bath, we’ll start over here with the bedroom on the right. So again, lots of sunlight, lots of natural light, two closets, good size rooms up top here. You’ve got the second bedroom and then you’ve got a full bath in the middle. So again, look out here. Good size yard, all fenced in, and then again the big closet. Then here you’ve got a full bath, vanity, toilet, and sink.

So that’s it, three bedrooms, two baths, two-car garage, kitchen, full family room, dining room off of the main entrance, kitchen, and then you’ve got another family room down there, $2,260 a month. Feel free to reach out to me either to see this one, if you’re interested, or like I said we’ve got 1,200 available rent-to-owns in the Denver Metro area. We’d love to show you a home that’s going to work for you.

Qualifying is pretty easy. It’s actually much easier than going through a new loan process. Credit scores as low as 550, you have to have an income at least of $65,000 a year. And you need to make sure that you’ve got no evictions, bankruptcies, current pending bankruptcies, or any kind of evictions on your record right now. But, please feel free to reach out to us, whether you’re interested in this as a rental or as a rent to own, or just rent to own in general. My name is Ken Blevins, Metrowest Real Estate. My information will be down below as well as you can always go to for additional information as well. Thanks for watching, have a great day!
Ken Blevins

Ken Blevins, CEO of Metrowest Real Estate Services, is a veteran in mortgage and default servicing with more than 24 years of experience in collections, foreclosure/bankruptcy, loss mitigation and real estate disposition (REO). Blevins was an original co-founder of Metrowest in 2003, a Real Estate Brokerage and Services Company focused on the resale, recovery and liquidation of distressed real estate in Denver, Colorado and surrounding metros. Blevins assumed the role of CEO in January 2014 and provides strategic direction and has management accountability for the day-to-day operations. Under his direction, Blevins drives all default management operations to maximize asset value recovery and reduce loss severity through a strategy focused on customer service and state of the art technology. Blevins has 18 years of direct operational experience in all facets of REO Asset Management having managed large national REO Disposition contracts for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, CitiFinancial, GMAC Mortgage and other various financial institutions. Blevins specialties include REO asset management, real estate investment, bulk REO acquisitions and distressed asset recovery and liquidation, and he has directed the resolution and liquidation of over ten billion in institutionally-owned residential real estate.

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